June 6, 2023

Umee's 18-Month Roadmap

In the coming months, the network will be showcasing a series of improved functionality and additional use cases designed to improve the cross-chain DeFi experience.
By Brent Xu

Dear Umee community,

We are thrilled to share our product roadmap for the upcoming year and beyond! At Umee, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to help users optimize their decentralized finance (DeFi) experience, and we are confident that our roadmap will achieve this goal for you.

Subsequent to the Umee Mainnet Launch in February 2022, our development group has successfully shipped several major protocol upgrades to onboard the most innovative features for cross-chain DeFi. So far, we have successfully built

  • The First Cosmos Native Leverage Module
  • The First Smart Oracle in blockchain 
  • Combined Safety Features via IBC Rate limiting and Minimum Gas Price implementation

In the coming months, the network will be showcasing a series of improved functionality and additional use cases designed to improve the cross-chain DeFi experience. The development epochs have been divided into three main phases (Marina, Hali, and Yara). Here's a sneak peek at some alpha and what's in store for you and me at Umee.




During this phase, we plan to:

  • Use our foundational price feeds to build even more DeFi products, expanding the functionality to include safety parameters via our IBC rate limiting module.
  • Establish a smart contract framework to onboard dApps onto the Umee blockchain!
  • Optimize Umee’s infrastructure to offset validator operational costs and overhead.
  • Provide community incentives for the expanding ecosystem.



This phase will have:

  • The expansion of our leverage offerings to support more use cases and markets. We already supply 20+ tokens you can lend and borrow with. Imagine even MORE!
  • The introduction of an improved Liquidation Protocol, one that will be used to ensure health in the protocol loan stack. Nobody likes bad debt, or getting wiped out. That is why at Umee, we only incrementally liquidate positions (about 5%) to rebalance loans unlike other lending protocols.
  • The enhancement of the governance features to account for emergency scenarios and response mechanisms.
  • Prototype development of cross-chain interface with the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re going cross-chain!



For this phase, you can expect:

  • New tokenomics designed to optimize the crypto-economics of the overall Umee network.
  • Outpost and Virtual Liquidity mechanisms to showcase further functionality of DeFi money legos. Simply put, we’re making it easy to create any and all financial products with Umee tech.
  • Superior interest rate algorithms for better lending experience along with novel fixed duration lending tools for building out a cryptonative yield curve. Say goodbye to mercenary capital, and feel safe taking part in market-driven rates!
  • Multi-chain vision for integrating the broader crypto ecosystem into the IBC network. What chain would you like to see Umee on?
  • Expansion of product development to onboarding the overall bond markets into DeFi. There’s $200T in the global debt market to capture and we’re just getting started!

We are excited to continue leading the DeFi space with our innovative solutions and we look forward to sharing even more updates with our community as we build Umee for you and me! 

Thank you for your ongoing support.


The Umee Team

For more updates, stay connected with our official channels.

P.S. For a full picture of all three phases of our roadmap, feel free to download the image below and share it with your friends!


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