October 4, 2023

UX Monthly Newsletter #9

September has come and gone, but it has been a whirlwind of milestones and major updates for the platform that we can't wait to share with you!
By UX Marketing

Hey UX Community,

Just like that, September has come and gone, but it has been a whirlwind of milestones and major updates for the platform as a whole! From a whole new tokenomics revamp to a long-awaited name change, here's a summary of how September went for the UX Chain!

We Have Rebranded!

You've known us as Umee since the very beginning, but this month saw us change to better suit our brand identity. Going forward, our platform will be referred to as the UX Chain, a name which reflects our ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional #DeFi experience to our community!

After months of research and community feedback, we've decided to revamp the UX Chain Tokenomics. This is a major change that we effected to better align the UX Chain's emission schedule with the function of the token and the current market environment. Some of the key changes include a new inflation mechanism, a new inflation cycle, and new rates that signal the change from an infinite to a finite supply of UX tokens!

We Launched a New Flash Liquidation Feature

We know that the ability to liquidate positions has always been a generally complex endeavor, often needing technical expertise that users may not necessarily have. It was with this in mind that we took the time to build and finally launch Flash Liquidation on our app, as the first feature of its kind in the Cosmos ecosystem! In just a few clicks, users can liquidate positions as they see fit, no coding experience necessary!

Even More Platform Updates...

Our goal as a chain continues to be the constant enhancement of the experience for our users. That's why as of this month, users can now access a new liquidation dashboard to keep track of positions based on market volatility and to liquidate if needed. We've also added an analytics dashboard, with a detailed summary of liquidity, volumes, total collateral, supplies, borrows and so much more. A brief overview of the UX Chain, readily available on our app. We hope you enjoy it!

September has been a month of change for the UX Chain, right down to our fundamental workings and brand identity. It's all a product of our assessment of ourselves as a platform and the wider ecosystem to which we belong. We know our place within it, and the changes we've made this month were meant to reflect it. We look forward to even more growth as we align ourselves with the ever-evolving crypto space, and continue to enable the best possible #DeFi experience for our users. We hope you continue with us on this new chapter of our journey, providing valuable feedback for us every step of the way.

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Best regards,

The Umee Team.