October 25, 2023

UX Spooktober 2023

Become a part of the UX Spooktober Meme Contest this year and stand a chance to win great prizes for your creativity!
By Cris

UX Spooktober Halloween Meme Contest - Share Your Spooky Creativity

Boo, UX community!

Halloween is just around the corner… It's that time of year when we unleash the spookiness and celebrate, and what better way to celebrate, other than a CONTEST!

UX Halloween Meme Contest is live, and it's no ordinary meme fiesta here! it's a wickedly fun combination of laughter, creativity, and everything UX.

Contest Details

Dates: October 25th to October 31st, 2023

Theme: Create Halloween-themed UX memes that send shivers down the spine.

Tips: Make sure to check check the recommended resources

How to Participate

Create your memes: Channel your energy and develop Halloween-themed UX memes that blend humor with a spooky attire. Your memes should be designed to captivate and amuse, there are no limits, as long as the memes remain respectful.

Share your memes: When your memes are ready to haunt the world, share them on Twitter. Make sure to tag @Umee_CrossChain and use the spellbinding hashtag #UXHalloweenMemes.

Additionally, you can share your memes on the UX community discord.

Multiple entries are welcome: Don't hold back your creativity. You can submit as many entries as you like. We're ready to be spooked!

Recommended resources

Rewards: Trick or Treat? 

  • The meme masters will be picked by the UX team.
  • There can be multiple winners.
  • The winners will be sharing a prize pool of 7500 Umee. 
  • Winners will be announced on October 31st, via our official Twitter.
  • You can win only once, even if you submit multiple entries

This contest is your chance to turn your inventive ideas into Halloween-themed memes. By sharing them with the UX community, you will bring laughter and delight to the season, making this Halloween truly memorable.

May your memes be captivating, and your Halloween filled with extraordinary creativity!

Best wishes,

The UX Team.

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