March 9, 2022

Umeeverse Newsletter #7

Umeeverse, we’ve made it. Mainnet is here! With our web app now live and upcoming native lending module in the near future, Umee is concentrated on building and further establishing ourselves as the premiere cross chain DeFi hub.
By Kenny Najarro

Umeeverse, we’ve made it. Mainnet is here! With our web app now live and upcoming native lending module in the near future, Umee is concentrated on building and further establishing ourselves as the premiere cross chain DeFi hub. We’re ecstatic to see how the community has grown and for all the original community members who have been there every step of the way. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started. Enjoy Umeeverse Newsletter #7!

Mainnet Launch

  • As you know, Umee has launched mainnet! Users can now experience cross chain borrowing, cross chain lending, Gravity Bridge, IBC, and interoperability.
  • As the cross chain DeFi hub, Umee sets out to implement interest rate instruments and other new financial primitives that will act as a foundational infrastructure for the evolving crypto world.
  • As a new protocol, we are approaching mainnet launch with a reduced risk mindset. To ensure that our users are protected, we will initially have a soft launch with a cap. This cap will then be gradually removed after we have conducted thorough audits on our codebase.
  • Read full details here.

Web App

  • The web app is now live on mainnet! Borrow, lend, and take advantage of the IBC and Gravity Bridge functionalities across 30+ blockchains.
  • We’ve also just rolled out the dark mode for the UI! So, save your eyes and take advantage of cross chain DeFi at night.
  • On the horizon, look for UI updates such as a transaction history section within the web app. So, make sure you stayed tuned and if you have any suggestions for the web app, go to #suggestions on Discord and let us know.


  • As we launched mainnet, community members can now purchase the $UMEE token!
  • We are now listed on exchanges such as FTX and OKX. To see all places we are listed, go here.


  • As you’ve most likely noticed by now, Umee has rebranded!
  • We’ve implemented: new logo, new color palette, new fonts, and a new mascot named Adora!
  • While we rebranded, this is the same Umee with the same mission: to revolutionize cross chain DeFi as we know it, just with a different look. Go here to read our detailed thoughts on why we decided to rebrand.
  • Also, we launched our new website, which includes dark mode! Take a look around and let us know what you think!

Umeeverse Party (Incentivized Testnet)

  • The Umeeverse Party has ended! We couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of our community members who participated in the incentivized web app testnet.
  • Without you, the web app wouldn’t be functioning as smoothly as it is. We’ve distributed rewards throughout the community for those who qualified and we can’t wait to do it again!
  • In the coming weeks, looks for an announcement regarding our next incentivized web app testnet, which will feature our native lending module. Keep an eye out and be ready for another party you won’t want to miss!

Governance and Proposals

  • As we’ve launched mainnet, we’re thrilled to now have the community along for every step of the way with governance now being live!
  • We’ve already had proposals such as Umee IBC relayer connections to bridge tokens to Ethereum ($OSMO, $ION, $ATOM, $JUNO, $LUNA, $UST, $ROWAN, $AKT) and Osmosis liquidity pools pass.
  • For future proposals, discuss the possibilities and details with your fellow community members on Commonwealth and in our Discord under the Governance category in the #discussion channel!
  • Once Umee proposals are live, vote here! We encourage all community members to be active, make your voice heard, and in turn, watch Umee grow!

Incentivized Pools

  • Through the community’s support through governance, all proposals for $UMEE incentivized pools on Osmosis are now live!
  • For the $OSMO pool, go here.
  • For the $ATOM pool, go here.
  • For the $UST pool, go here.
  • And, all aforementioned pools now have external $UMEE incentives attached! So take advantage of them now, before they’re gone.

Validator Delegation Program

  • The Umee team is very proud to announce the official launch of the Umee Validator Delegation Program!
  • If you are a validator and interested in receiving delegation, look no further! The Umee validator community will be expanded in the coming months to foster the growth of a committed and active validator ecosystem through our Validator Delegation Program. Umee’s core interests reside in ensuring that voting power and delegations are distributed in a decentralized manner throughout the network.
  • In your application, please focus on: what you have contributed to Umee, if it’s a work in progress — what is it and the timeline of releasing it, if you have a contribution in progress, it will be eligible for 20–50% of delegation. Once its complete, full delegation may be provided.
  • Read the full details here.
  • Apply here!

Community Events

  • We’re happy to bring back our community events! You will be able to find all current and future events on our new Community Events webpage.
  • We are currently running our Creative Logo Contest, where community members are tasked to recreate the rebranded Umee logo in any medium or method of their choosing.
  • There have been plenty of submissions so far, but you have until March 11 @ 15:00 UTC to enter your submission. Check #MyUmeeLogo on Twitter to see all the submissions so far!
  • Find full details here!

Explain Like I’m New

  • As we’ve launched mainnet, the lastest installments our educational blog series — Explain Like I’m New — have recently covered important topics for all our community members to understand: Gravity Bridge and how it works on Umee and how to stay safu in your crypto journey.
  • You can look forward to new topics such as a detailed overview of how staking functions within Umee in the coming days, but until then make sure you catch up on past ELINs and get educated!

Blockchain Explorers

  • Want to explore transactions on Umee? Look no further than the Mintscanand Nodes Guru explorers!


  • The Umeeverse is expanding! If you looking to get into Web 3.0 world, Umee is a great place to join.
  • We are currently hiring: Senior Front End Engineer, Blockchain Engineer, Solidity Engineer, Marketing Director, Business Operations, Growth Lead, and Internships.
  • If you’re interested in joining Umee’s journey, find more details and apply here!

Ambassador Applications

  • Become an Umee ambassador today! We’re seeking ambassadors in all regions to help assist with: educating/onboarding new users, moderating and leading regional channels on Discord and Telegram, organizing community contributions such as translations within regional communities, assisting community member’s questions and troubleshooting, and helping the community be aware and stay safe from scams.
  • Ideal applicants will: be passionate about Umee, have a strong working knowledge of Umee and DeFi in general, have relevant community management experience, and be active within Umee community channels.
  • Apply here!
  • Please note: this is an unpaid position. If you’d like to become a full time moderator for Umee, working as an ambassador is the best place to start.


  • If you ever need anything Umee related, please head over to our official Linktree. Here, you will find all of Umee’s official social channels where you can find all official updates and news. If the information does not come from us, treat it as fake. Stay safe!

Community Contributions

  • With so much happening in the Umeeverse, we’re always looking for community members to contribute. Whatever your strong suit is — content creation, translation, answering FAQs, etc. — we want to hear from you!
  • Make sure you go to Discord and let us know how you’d like to help Umee.

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