June 29, 2023

UX: Leveraging Unified Liquidity and Capital Efficiency in the Cosmos Ecosystem

The future of finance lies in the hands of collaboration and technological advancements. The Cosmos ecosystem has already established a strong foundation with its technical stack, growing developer interest and enterprise involvement.
By Naman

Hi frenz! In this post, we will dive into the key insights and highlights from a Gateway presentation given by Robert Zaremba, principal software engineer at UX. Robert presented some of the exciting developments in the world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and how UX is revolutionizing the money markets. Let's explore the key takeaways from the presentation:

UX: Leading the Way in Borrowing and Lending

UX proudly holds the position as the largest borrowing and lending protocol for all IBC assets. Unlike other protocols such as Compound, UX stands out by enabling the use of smaller-cap assets as collateral. Thanks to our innovative implementation such as smart oracle and security parameters, UX successfully onboarded the most IBC assets onto the UX lending platform, expanding the possibilities for Cosmos users on lending and borrowing.

Safety First: UX's Commitment to Secure Lending

UX's mission is to be the safest lending algorithm built as a blockchain. We created a system of agent based simulations and risk modeling when evaluating new assets, to make sure our system remains healthy. With over 20 risk measurement parameters and internal monitoring models, UX constantly monitors and improves the stability of our lending system. IBC rate limiting module is also implemented to cap maximum possible losses from any malicious attacks in the worst case.

Introducing Smart Oracle for Price Data

UX has developed a smart Oracle, a groundbreaking solution in the crypto space. This oracle runs algorithms based on price data to combat price manipulation, making UX the first blockchain to implement such a feature. By testing our system against potential attacks like the Mango Markets style price manipulation, UX ensures a more secure and reliable lending experience for users.

Empowering Users with Outposts and Liquidations

UX is bringing CosmWasm and other exciting features in our upcoming upgrade. 

With CosmWasm, developers will be able to deploy their own CosmWasm applications on the UX chain to expand the use cases and the leverage potentials through composing with our liquidity pools and lending systems.

Liquidations are also critical, next to the solid price feeds, to the overall health   of the lending system. We are exploring new algorithms and new flash liquidation mechanisms, first of it’s kind in the Cosmos ecosystem to further strengthen our offerings.

The Evolution of DeFi: Unified Liquidity and Capital Efficiency

Looking back at the history of DeFi, DeFi 1.0 introduced liquidity fragmentation, things like AMMs, first generation of the lending system. DeFi 2.0 introduced protocol owned liquidity.

DeFi 3.0 will focus on unified liquidity, a concept where various protocols and platforms are interconnected to create a seamless and efficient liquidity ecosystem. It aims to address the issues of fragmentation liquidity and limited interoperability among different blockchain networks and protocols.

The Rise of Rollups in Cosmos

While rollups were initially associated with the Ethereum ecosystem, they are now gaining traction in the Cosmos narratives. Rollups offer scalability and regulatory advantages, making them an appealing option for developers. By leveraging rollups, applications within the Cosmos ecosystem can achieve greater efficiency and control.

The Importance of DeFi: Speed, Quality, and Cost Efficiency

DeFi is essential in creating innovative financial applications, improving transaction efficiency, enhancing transparency, and reducing costs. However, it requires substantial liquidity to enable institution-level money markets and capital market solutions. UX recognizes the significance of liquidity and it is actively working on UDX, aiming to create loan-specific blockchains that contribute to the future of the Cosmos ecosystem. This brings a fresh perspective to the future of an institutional debt market in crypto. 

Building the Future Together

The future of finance lies in the hands of collaboration and technological advancements. The Cosmos ecosystem has already established a strong foundation with its technical stack, growing developer interest and enterprise involvement. 

More projects are joining the Cosmos family and exploring the potential of this ecosystem, fostering an inspiring environment for further innovation and development.


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